Proudly serving the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry since 1960

Your Source for 24/7 Wireline Services in Alberta and Western Canada

Carnwood Wireline Service Ltd. has served the Western Canadian oil and gas industry since 1960. We provide a range of services covering completions, optimizations, and production. With eight Western Canada field listings and around-the-clock service availability, we’re always there to restart production or ensure production continuity. 

Carnwood Wireline Service Ltd. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for essential oilfield support, swabbing, and wireline services to Alberta and all of Western Canada. The removal of wax and heavy fluids from the wellbore is one of the best ways to maximize production and keep profits flowing. Our nearly 60 years of service experience allow us to be one of the most efficient and effective wireline and swabbing companies operating today.

To ensure production optimization for oil and gas companies, we offer dewaxing, swabbing, pressure/temperature gradients/recording and other wireline services throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. To request service, simply contact us at any time.

Optimization and Wireline Services for Alberta and WCSB

With professional and competent personnel operating out of eight service locations across Alberta and Western Canada, Carnwood Wireline Service Ltd. can provide the following services to Alberta and the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin:

  • Slickline
  • Cable wireline units
  • Cable swabbing units
  • Gradients/extended tests
  • Pressure trucks
  • Portable tanks available
  • Dewaxing and swabbing services
  • Rig-less completions
  • Cost-effective fluid recovery

Our safety program is supported by a Certificate of Recognition (COR).


Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Carnwood Wireline Service Ltd. quickly responds to service requests throughout Western Canada.

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