Cable swabbing units

Cable Swabbing in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

In offering cable swabbing to Alberta and all of Western Canada, Carnwood Wireline Service Ltd. aims to be your single-point resource for cable swabbing and related services. Operating 24 hours a day, we are fully equipped, properly insured, and ready to answer your service request, whether it’s in Alberta, British Columbia, or Saskatchewan. 

All units operate on a standalone basis. Therefore, the need for a crane/picker unit isn’t required. All units are equipped with 20mPa-rated (3,000 PSI) working pressure equipment. Our standard swab rig has cable capacity ranging from 3000m to 4200m 12.7mm (1/2 inch) braided steel cable. This provides sheer weights from 18,000 - 20,000lbs. Over half our fleet has the ability to swab slant wells with fully slanting derricks. We also have two tri-drive units so road bans are much easier to manage. 

Every unit is operated by a fully qualified two-man crew. The units are equipped with lighting systems, so night operations are not a problem.

We have various types of swab tanks available. Our standard portable open-top tank and swab tank trucks can move from location to location with the swab rig. Carnwood’s portable rig tanks can hold 14 or 16 cubic meters and have built-in degasser and solids troughs. These are also equipped with a 2” adjustable choke using 2” 3,000-pound pipes and unions.

Request a Cable Unit

To request a cable unit to your worksite in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, contact Carnwood Wireline Service Ltd. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fulfill your request.