Cable Wireline Services for Western Canada

Our cable wireline unit has been specifically designed to provide downhole wireline services for low- to medium-pressure applications. Provided is our standard 6-meter lubricator with the ability to add another 3-meter joint should you require the extra length. The unit comes equipped with 6.35mm (1/4”) galvanized steel cable providing a sheer weight of 11,400 ft lbs and a wireline sabre head allowing for working pressures up to 4,000 kPa. This makes it an ideal alternative to the standard wireline truck and picker combination at a significant cost savings. Given its unique design our cable wireline unit is able to perform downhole work on both conventional and slant/deviated wells with no additional equipment required. This unit is also equipped with lighting systems for an easy transition to nighttime operations.

These units are ideal for swabbing sour production wells. With their ability to swab under pressure, there are many instances that allow us to swab right down to the flow line. This has removed the requirement to have a P-tank on location, which of course is an additional cost-saving advantage to our customers.

Should it not be feasible to swab down the flow line or into a P-tank, Carnwood has different types of swab tanks available. Our standard portable open top tank or swab tank trucks can move from location to location with the unit.

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