Pressure Trucks

Pressure Trucks Serving Oilfields in Alberta and Western Canada

Carnwood Wireline Service Ltd. has pressure truck services available that can handle pressures up to 20.5mPa. These units specialize in removing hydrates, as well as testing well tubing and pipelines. Essentially, we can handle any application requiring pressure testing with volumes up to 10 cubic meters. 

In our chemical delivery division, we are able to batch various chemicals and deliver them to the well site. We also have methanol sales and delivery services available. 

Our fleet of tank trucks can provide fluid hauling solutions, such as:

  • 16-cube capacity
  • Built-in degasser
  • Hydraulic hose reel 
  • 150ft of 20mPa flex hose
  • Solid line pipe available

The pressure trucks add value to our cable swabbing services:

  • Reduced set-up time over portable tanks 
  • No need to wait for a pressure truck to come empty portable tank
  • Competitive rate

Request a Pressure Truck

Bring a pressure truck to your oilfield site in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin — call Carnwood Wireline Service. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.